Spectrum Global Solutions, Inc. (OTC: SGSI) is the holding company for next generation technology companies specializing in Telecommunications and Energy across the US, Canada and Caribbean.


Through our Subsidiaries, AW Solutions, Inc., AW Solutions Puerto Rico, LLC., Tropical Communications, Inc., ADEX Corporation and ADEX Puerto Rico, LLC, we are a leading provider of comprehensive outsourced services and solutions for the deployment and maintenance of next generation and legacy wireless and wireline telecommunication networks and infrastructure. We provide our services directly to carriers, aggregators, enterprise, PMO and OEM clientele.


Through our subsidiary, Mantra Energy Alternatives, Ltd., we develop and commercializes alternative energy technologies and services. We acquired and own technologies like MRFC (Mixed-Reactant Fuel Cell) design which is a revolutionary fuel cell concept and ERC (Electro-Reduction) which is a process for the electro-reduction of carbon dioxide from industrial sources. The company operates as a clean technology development company.


  • Become the world class industry leader by which other are measured
  • Provide the highest value, quality, safety and reliability
  • Develop exceptionally talented people
  • Create and foster client relationships that are unmatched
  • Create strong and consistent shareholder value


  • Creativity — (Encourage innovation, imagination, originality)
  • Integrity — (Fairness, honoring commitments, do the right thing)
  • Respect — (Value every client we serve, our vendors and our team members)
  • Teamwork — (Inspire, empower, sacrifice)
  • Client Satisfaction — (Listen, understand, pro-active, responsive, timely, communicate)
  • Shareholder Value — (Superior financial results and growth)

We look forward to partnering with you so we may bring to bear our experience, talent and creativity to successfully execute on your projects both now and over the long term.